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JW Peters, here, a.k.a. The Old Wolf.

Knives are my passion. They are my creative outlet. They are a way to leave something behind when I am gone. Something your kids and grand kids will be able to cherish and use. Something that ties them to you.  I have always pushed myself to be different, to put "me" into everything I make.  My knives aren't for everyone. They can be shiny or rustic. They can show remnants of the blood , sweat and tears that goes into each one. But one thing you can be assured of. They are all unique. No two are ever the same. 



No one is tougher on my knives than me. Check out my test videos on my facebook group, "Old Wolf Forge - JW Peters, Bladesmith". They speak for themselves. If my knife ever fails you for any reason at all, there is a lifetime guarantee. I make it right or refund your money. No Questions asked. Period.



You can't buy this stuff at Walmart or in a production line of knives. I love working with each individual client to bring your ideas to life, to take something that only exists in your mind, refine it and bring it into the physical world. It is a magic that never gets old or loses excitement.

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The Old Wolf

Around these parts, I am known as The Old Wolf. Bladesmithing is my passion. It is my heart, through and through. It is more than just making a knife. It is a creative outlet that lets me pour my passion and a part of myself into a highly personalized tool that will withstand the test of time and be in use long after my days on Earth are through.

It is a way to connect to other individuals who share my passion for old traditions.
These are the people who make America the great place that it is.

Hard working knives for hard working people

Some people buy my knives to collect them. Many buy them to use them every day. They have been tested in every way you can imagine by people from every walk of life. Jump on my Facebook group and ask around. They are built to last.

The Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack is a family. It is a group of people who share my passion for all things sharp and who follow my journey as a bladesmith on Facebook. Without the Wolf Pack, I wouldn't be The Old Wolf. We are hands down the best bunch of people you will meet on the internet who share a common interest!

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I love hearing from and dealing with each individual customer. Feel free to message me any time by sending a message on here or sending me a PM on Facebook to Jeff Peters

Old Wolf Forge, Kentucky

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